Zurich Switzerland…Too Much Beauty?

The long walk skyline copy

December…Zurich…Was it all a dream? No…but it is now a cherished memory and a place that I hope I will someday see again.

Walking…Zurich…miles and miles of walking and soaking in the atmosphere. 

Cold…Zurich…but of course, but it wasn’t all that bad. I don’t generally like to be cold, but in a place such as this, I barely noticed it.

More…Zurich…pictures…I’ll be posting more, so I’m apologizing ahead of time.

Cat on a hot laptop.

0237 WM Olivers eye

You can’t see my laptop in this image can you?


Those of you with cats know how it goes…turn the computer on and out of nowhere the cat appears. He demands his rightful place on the keyboard. We negotiate, I clear him lots of nice space on my desk. No.

After I gently nudge him to the edge of the laptop ten times, he is offended when I restrict him to the floor. We’re both tired and frustrated. I will eat chocolate, he will have to make due with a bug he just found on the floor.

So many heroes.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. It’s impossible to wrap my head around the amount of devastation and the trauma that so many people have gone through. In troubled times here in this country, with so much talk of division, here are images that remind us of the selflessness and goodness in people. 



It’s the turkey family again!

The turkey family Aug 28 2017 (39 of 1)

I looked out the window today and the turkey parents were shepherding their young across the northwest corner of the backyard!

I haven’t seen them in quite a while and I was really happy to see that everyone was present and accounted for.

I’m wondering if turkeys name their young…if so, what would they name them? I’m having a hard time imagining a turkey named Cindy, or Tony. That brings up the subject of last names. I can’t wrap my head around that…I really can’t.